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When it comes to exploring the magnificent Scottish Highlands, Parkburn Guest House is here for you. Relating our experiences and giving reviews of everything from accommodation options to activities, we share our experiences but we don’t stop there.

We then use this knowledge to make your next adventure even better than the last, or for new explorers to help them have a great first time.

Why Choose Us

Sharing can go both ways and what we want is to make this blog a worthwhile place to sponsor. We have become popular for what we do and thus reach a wide-ranging audience from the world over. This is a viable market.

Right Time, Right Place

For those businesses invested in Scottish Highlands adventures, we offer free advertising on our blog. We limit the adverts to keep them from overwhelming the content. This means that as a sponsor your promotions will get more attention.

We also try to position advertising where it will be most in tune with the topic being discussed, as this means your audience can see it when it matters most.

Thanks for the Memories

For our fellow adventurers who are not focused on business opportunities but wish to support our community and our team approach to sharing our experiences, we have something too. We offer several blog-related memorabilia as a reward and a grateful thank you.

One such popular item is the calendar with the most beautiful scenes from the Scottish Highlands for each month. Using member photographs here makes it extra valuable.

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We think you will agree that sponsoring us can benefit you, whether you own a business or are a fellow traveller. We will always strive to make Parkburn Guest House the source of information available on Scottish Highlands accommodation options, activities, and reviews. All done by fellow travellers with first-hand knowledge.

Contact us through the email posted on our Contact our Team page and become a sponsor today.