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Peter Morrison with salmon. 

Peter stays at PARKBURN when he fishes at Castle Grant beats. He joins another five fishers on the beat which has the services of a ghillie. If the conditions are right, as in the photograph, the landing of a fresh salmon is a well deserved bonus.

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Dave Robinson at PARKBURN 

Dave Robinson has stayed at Parkburn many times over the last few years. He travels up from Gloucester to fish for salmon at the River Spey and the River Tweed.Here Dave is enjoying a day's sport on the River Spey. The photograph was taken by Bill Drury, the ghillie of the Lower Pitchroy beat on the Spey in March 2013.

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Will visiting Parkburn 

Will Copestake visited Parkburn in February 2014.
He was travelling from munro to munro (tops over 3000 feet)on his bike.He is quite a lad....full of enthusiasm and grit....his bike carrying all his gear including tent, sleeping bag, food, snow shoes and everything else necessary to achieve his aims. He has successfully completed a lot of tours in remote and taxing environments. The website of this modern day adventurer is well worth a visit.
Quick link www.willcopestakemedia.com

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The Steam Train coming to Grantown 

Before extending the Steam Train line from Aviemore to Grantown on Spey the line would have to cross the River Dulnain. Here are some pictures showing the bridge being put in place. Picture courtesy of Nick Blewitt ( Nethy Bridge)

An aerial view of the positioning of the bridge sides. Picture courtesy of BBC and R.S.King( Dulnain Bridge).

Here the huge mobile rail crane is positioning the side struts. Picture courtesy of R.S.King(Dulnain Bridge).

Quick link to www.strathspeyrailway.co.uk

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Mick and Philip 

Mick had stayed at Parkurn before and with Philip they were planning to cover many more miles on the country roads in the north of Scotland.

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Wildlife photographs from Speyside 
Steve and Zoe were in Speyside to catch some of the wildlife.They have often visited this area. This year they visited the Cairngorms to find ptarmigan and grouse in their winter plumage.
Here are some of their 'catches'.
bottle nosed dolphins on the Moray Firth
osprey with nest building material
pine martin
red squirrel
female ptarmigan
male ptarmigan.
I hope to show more of their photographs in the future. Thank you Zoe and Steve for your permission to use your pictures.

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Kylintra Meadows 
On 27th September 2009 volunteers planted a section of cleared ground in Kylintra Park with daffodils as a Remembrance Garden.

Now the daffodils have bloomed and they have made a magnificent show which will be admired for many years to come.

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Fishermen at Parkburn 

Many fishermen visit Parkburn.........some more successful than others...........all enjoy the experience, the river, the location and the company of other fishers.
I hope to gradually add more pictures to this page.

Tony Barker 2009

Len Fearn 2009

Tony Duffield 2009

Jorn Kristensen 2009

Dennis Todd 2009

John Barclay 2008

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Visitors from Hong Kong 

Miss Chan Fung Po and Mr Yiu Ping Man from Hong Kong had been attending a conference in Wales and are taking the opportunity of touring Scotland. They already had visited England at various times and were now spending a few days in Speyside.
A message from Bo and Peter

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Cyclists at Parkburn 
This year we have had many cyclists staying at Parkburn. We have a large garage for overnight secure storage of cycles and I am willing to do laundry at an agreed price.

Karen Bennett from West Sussex was cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats for Maccmillan Cancer Charity.This is a gruesome challenge especially with the fickle Scottish landscape and even more fickle Scottish weather.

Steve Townsley from Cumbria was out to enjoy the rigors of cycling the Scottish countryside.He has a lot of experience of long distance cycling.I hope he returns to Parkburn on one of his future cycle runs.Look out for his blue tail!!

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