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Fishermen at Parkburn 

Many fishermen visit Parkburn.........some more successful than others...........all enjoy the experience, the river, the location and the company of other fishers.
I hope to gradually add more pictures to this page.

Tony Barker 2009

Len Fearn 2009

Tony Duffield 2009

Jorn Kristensen 2009

Dennis Todd 2009

John Barclay 2008

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Visitors from Hong Kong 

Miss Chan Fung Po and Mr Yiu Ping Man from Hong Kong had been attending a conference in Wales and are taking the opportunity of touring Scotland. They already had visited England at various times and were now spending a few days in Speyside.
A message from Bo and Peter

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Cyclists at Parkburn 
This year we have had many cyclists staying at Parkburn. We have a large garage for overnight secure storage of cycles and I am willing to do laundry at an agreed price.

Karen Bennett from West Sussex was cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats for Maccmillan Cancer Charity.This is a gruesome challenge especially with the fickle Scottish landscape and even more fickle Scottish weather.

Steve Townsley from Cumbria was out to enjoy the rigors of cycling the Scottish countryside.He has a lot of experience of long distance cycling.I hope he returns to Parkburn on one of his future cycle runs.Look out for his blue tail!!

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Visitors from Singapore 

Yen Yen and Joseph Ang from Singapore stayed at Parkburn while visiting the Highlands of Scotland. They had been studying in London a few years ago and were returning to see some more of Scotland.

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Amelia, Andrew and Mark were canoeing with others on the west coast of Scotland. Despite the weather they accomplished all they set out to do. I must say I was very impressed with how Amelia very expertly backed out the landrover and canoe trailer from our carpark at an angle and first time! No stress !!!

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Workers accommodation 

Quite often tradesmen and people in Grantown on business stay at Parkburn. Allan Sinclair( not in picture) with Graeme and Robert stayed here while they were working on a house in Grantown.

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Visitors from Korea 

Lee Hye-Jin and Yong Sung Jung from Korea were visiting Grantown on Spey.
They loved our dogs Mac and Sally. They tried porridge (okay) as well as black pudding and haggis !! Today they were making their way to Oban.

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Highland Wild Life Park 
Agood day out from PARKBURN is a visit to the Highland Wildlife Park near KIngussie.

yak herd

Mercedes the polar bear

wild horses

shy red pandas.

And many more interesting and cute creatures in beautiful highland landscapes.

Quick link to Highland Wild Life Park http:///www.highlandwildlifepark.org

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Sandy and Dave flew up to Inverness from Luton and hired a car for their three day break in Strathspey. They also successfully tracked the NASA Space Station on Tuesday night as the sky was clear and conditions good for a sighting.
You can find out when you can best view the Station if you follow this link.

Quick link http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/realdata/sightings/

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Yukito from Japan 
A message from Yukito

Fay and Yukito
whisky stills when the whsky is distilled into the 'amber nectar'!
a few glasses of the 'amber nectar'.

Yukito enjoyed visiting whisky distilleries around Scotland . He spent some time on the isle of Islay at the Laphroaig Distillery

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