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Visitors from Korea 

Lee Hye-Jin and Yong Sung Jung from Korea were visiting Grantown on Spey.
They loved our dogs Mac and Sally. They tried porridge (okay) as well as black pudding and haggis !! Today they were making their way to Oban.

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Highland Wild Life Park 
Agood day out from PARKBURN is a visit to the Highland Wildlife Park near KIngussie.

yak herd

Mercedes the polar bear

wild horses

shy red pandas.

And many more interesting and cute creatures in beautiful highland landscapes.

Quick link to Highland Wild Life Park http:///www.highlandwildlifepark.org

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Sandy and Dave flew up to Inverness from Luton and hired a car for their three day break in Strathspey. They also successfully tracked the NASA Space Station on Tuesday night as the sky was clear and conditions good for a sighting.
You can find out when you can best view the Station if you follow this link.

Quick link http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/realdata/sightings/

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Yukito from Japan 
A message from Yukito

Fay and Yukito
whisky stills when the whsky is distilled into the 'amber nectar'!
a few glasses of the 'amber nectar'.

Yukito enjoyed visiting whisky distilleries around Scotland . He spent some time on the isle of Islay at the Laphroaig Distillery

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Conditions were so cold Allan decided to turn car park into a curling rink.

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Husky sledding in Cairngorm Jan 2010 
There was another meeting for Cairngorm Husky Sledding Competitions in January. This year the huskies were able to use the sleds instead of wheels because there was enough snow. The event attracts lots of visitors and the conditions were ideal for sledding, skiing, togganning and photography.

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Evening Sky..........Want to go Skiing ???  

Evening sky from PARKBURN kitchen on 9 January 2010.
The winter walks through Anagach Woods adjacent to Parkburn are wonderful...........beautiful bright sun on crystal snow. The icicles show how cold it is. Last week we had - 11 degrees C.
Cairngorm Ski Centre are reporting excellent ski conditions.
Quick link for Cairngorm Skiing

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XXX Happy New Year XXX 

Although the organised New Year Celebrations were cancelled in Grantown because of the heavy snow falls, the town was full of New Year Revellers and the new decade was welcomed in in grand style.

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Lands End to John O'Groats 
Daniel Freyne, Berkshire, stayed at Parkburn Guest House as one of his overnight stops.
He was hoping to complete his epic in another seven days.I will let you know when he tells me that he reached John O'Groats!

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Autumn skies at Parkburn 
Some of the skies in Grantown in autumn are spectacular. I think this is because of the clear atmosphere and the cloud formation as the sun goes down in the west.

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