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Grant Park / Kylintra Park 
Adjacent to Parkurn is Grant Park. This has well tended shrubs and pleasant benches in the sun. Dogs are excluded from this area. There is plenty of grass for picnics and games of football.
benches new sign

Kylintra Meadows have been intentionally left to develop naturally.They are only mown once in the autumn.Many species of flora and fauna are allowed to flourish to full maturity (even the nettles,brambles and dockens).. A few wild orchids have been seen. It is illegal to pick or remove these protected plants.
A new path has been laid to suppliment the existing paths. All are well worth investigating in all weathers and seasons.

new paths

cyclists walkers

bridge glade

The Pond is another place of interest. As well as the bird life the sheer beauty of the water and surrounding trees makes many people stop to ponder.

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