About the Blog

About the Blog - About the Blog

Parkburn Guest House is a blog for people who love to travel to the Scottish Highlands. We discuss the places to go and things to see and the best ways to enjoy your trip. From places to create the best memories and what they offer to what is the best thing to do at the time you travel, we are here to help you.

Created in 2015 by an oxy-gas cutter named Ellis Simpson, this blog is one of his passions. Writing about his experiences while travelling came naturally. His friends joined in, those with the same passion for the Scottish Highlands.

One day Ellis suggested making this a blog and everyone agreed to join in and thus Parkburn Guest House was born.

Sharing the Moment

The purpose of this blog is to share all of our experiences and show the world how magnificent and breath-taking the Scottish Highlands truly is. The membership grows with each shared trip. Exchanging our knowledge of the best deals and places as well as all the pictures we are used to passing around.

Relive your adventure with friends who love this wonderful part of the world and make your next trip even better.

Enhancing the Moment

Parkburn Guest House takes what we have learned and shared and organizes it to make it easy for you to find what will best help you with your next trip. What activities are currently going on that you may not want to miss or the best or most affordable accommodation options, as well as what did not perform as advertised.

These and many other things are brought to your attention to help you have a great trip.